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Hello, friends! Welcome to Two Inches Short blog and shop. Where professional golf meets amateur lifestyle.

Golf is supposed to be fun. Consuming should be too. Two Inches Short is the voice of golfers around the world who can relate to the greatest game ever played at a level we can all understand.

We strive to bring a lighter, more relatable side that amateurs can appreciate. Through a mix of humor, satire, common sense, and most importantly our passion for the game we create a community to welcome all those weekend warriors and proud bogey makers who can only dream of one-day breaking par, let alone 90.

Our shop is a pro shop for amateurs by amateurs … we call it The Am Shop. We bring original designs and accessories of the highest quality the average golfer can use on and off the course with pride. After all hitting the green in two and three-putting isn’t just another bogey, it’s a lifestyle.

Our blog delivers high-quality content for the common golfer who’s game is so mediocre, all he or she can do is laugh. We cover all the tours and everything else outside the ropes the way we see it. Our takes are hotter than our putting, which isn’t saying much. Visit us here.

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